Fivestars ∙ 2017 to Current

Head of design

Fivestars helps local communities thrive by empowering small businesses with cutting edge marketing technology.

I lead our design vision and turn the company mission into tangible and validated product initiatives that achieve our mission at scale.

As a result, Fivestars has already seen record engagement through it’s consumer mobile app and in-store tablets.

Fivestars comsumer tablet Fivestars mobile app


Launching an identity that loves local

My team and I rolled out a new brand to better communicate our passion for small local businesses and help accelerate the $2 billion in local commerce we drive.

Building a Network

Fivestars Acquisition allows merchants to automatically and effectively reach up to 30 million customers nearby.

Better Collaboration

I created a new process that embraces critique and empowers my team to do their best work.

Systems design

I transformed the product suite by defining product principles and building a library of reusable components.

Yelp ∙ 2015 to 2017

Head of design

Yelp connects people with great local businesses through user generated content.

As the first head of design at Yelp, I created a product vision that transformed our user experience and beat the user expectation curve.

As a result, mobile monthly active users increased from 15.5 million to 29 million during my tenure.

Yelp mobile app


Creating a world class design team

I attracted, hired, and retained a world class team of product designers and created a new product organisational structure to unlock higher quality work and faster execution.

Yelp design team


I lead the transaction platform design vision via initiatives like Request a Quote, NoWait, and Native Delivery.


I created a new org structure and process that impacted all of product and focussed on sustainable product quality.

knowledge Sharing

I focused the product team on sharing knowledge and expertise via our public styleguide, blogs, and events.

Yelp design process

Yelp ∙ 2011 to 2015

Product designer

As the first and only mobile product designer I unlocked Yelp’s mobile potential. I created industry defining search, consumption, contribution, navigation and transaction flows.

My work directly increased mobile monthly active users from 3.6 million to 15.5 million, and went from generating no revenue to generating over 70% of Yelp’s revenue.

Yelp mobile app Yelp mobile app Yelp mobile app Yelp mobile app


Crafting an intuitive and engaging experience

I created a collection of intuitive and engaging patterns that enabled consistency within and across mobile platforms.

When I designed the Delivery and Reservation flows, these patterns motivated users to explore new functionality via recognizable patterns.

Yelp design systems

Mobile reviews

I created a unique and innovative review flow that motivates users to write long format content on mobile.

Having far exceeded its average review length goals, this flow is now responsible for 68% of all new Yelp reviews.

Yelp mobile review Yelp mobile review flow

Emotional design

To align Yelp's personality with its mobile apps, I created a set of mascot illustrations and animations.

Yelp hamster Hammy Set of Yelp hamsters

Trevi ∙ 2012


Trevi is an innovative mobile photo discovery passion project. I designed the brand and app user experience.


Creating a statement interface

Trevi was downloaded over 50,000 times and organized more than two million photos.

Its innovative interface was featured multiple times in the Apple App Store, on the Apple Website and in Apple Retail Stores.

Trevi app flow Trevi featured by Apple

Other ∙ 2008 to 2011

Product Designer

I was lead designer at digital agency Wijs while also contributing to open source and passion projects. My work has been circulated by prominent publications.

  • Fork CMS
  • Turo
  • Dodaq
  • Darwin Aerospace
  • Bad Parrot
  • Youtube Racing