Yelp Business Page

I designed the mobile business page as an intuitive and engaging experience. Through a fast iterative process, I boosted essential metrics while also setting a precedence for using cohesive and scalable patterns.

I'm listed as inventor on the widely adopted pull to photo patent. Many of my design patterns set industry standards, having been adopted by Facebook and Google.

Yelp Business Page

Yelp Mascot Illustrations and Animations

To align Yelp's personality with its mobile apps, I created a set of mascot illustrations and animations. Additional mascots were created by Stephen Verhalleman.

Yelp Hammy Mascot

Yelp Multi-Platform Navigation

I created two navigation flows that reduced complexity, boosted contributions and increased user delight. Each platform has it’s own identity by maximizing the use of platform specific patterns, while still prioritizing cross-platform goals.

Yelp Navigation

Yelp Mobile Review Flow

I created a review flow that motivates users to write long format content on mobile. The flow trades off volume for quality as the addition of innovative motivational features inadvertently introduces friction.

Having far exceeded its average review length goals, this flow is now responsible for 45% of all new Yelp reviews.

Yelp Mobile Review Flow

Yelp Design Pattern Library

I created and help maintain a collection of design patterns. These patterns have been essential in enabling consistency within and across our platforms.

Yelp Design Patterns

Fork Public Website

Fork CMS is an open source content management system dedicated to creating a user friendly environment to build, monitor and update your website. The website was highlighted as the first of 10 Excellent User Interface Designs to Learn From.

I was responsible for wireframing, designing and front-end coding the responsive public website. I also designed and implemented The Fork Forms Library, The Positions Content Editing System, The Analytics Module and The Newsletter Module.

I worked on this project from 2008 to 2011

Fork CMS

Trevi Photo Discovery

Trevi is a photo discovery app that has been downloaded over 50,000 times and has organized more than two million photos. I was responsible for wireframing and designing the iPhone app and Facebook app. I also created the Trevi logo and brand.

Trevi was featured in the Apple App Store, on the Apple Website and in Apple Retail Stores.

This side project was completed in 2012

Trevi Photo Discovery